Horse-rider testimonial
fall with inflatable air vest

16.08.2015 - Claudie with horse Castello (Suisse)
fall with horse

May 2015
Christoffer Forsberg (SWE) - Wiesbaden 3* XC Event
At fence number 19B the horse went off too early and hit the fence. We both lanesd on the side but no injuries. The Helite airbag inflated as expected a d gave me a soft landing. Some bruises but otherwise all OK. I am so glad about the HELITE airbag that will protect me when falling off and would never ride without it!

02.05.2015 - Maxime with horse Latino (Suisse)
fall rider horse fall

August 2014
Louise Jähde (SWE) - Blair Castle Horse Trials
My AIR JACKET went off accidently but I finished the cross:
"Before going out In the cross I was really nervous. It was the most difficult start that I've ever done. The water fence was in the second part of the course. I had a good distance, but over the jump a funny feeling. When I think about it I don't quite remember. Four strides after the jump came the "B-jump". A narrow fence standing in the water. I just continued like normal, as I had planned it. it wasn't until i rode over the goal line, that I realized my airbag had gone off in the water :-) The funny feeling was the vest going off."

July 2014
Georgie Spence (UK)
"To me my Helite air jacket is like a seat belt, I wouldn't go in a car without my seat belt on and I wouldn't jump a XC fence without my air jacket! More now than ever....after a recent fall, breaking my collar bone, I know I was as well protected as I could be! Without my Helite air jacket my injuries could have been a lot worse! It's not just protecting broken bones, it's the potential bruising, I barely had any bruising after my fall, you know you are guaranteed a much softer and safer landing!!"

April 2014
Alice Pearson (UK)
"I am seriously lucky to have been able to just get up and walk away. If I hadn't been wearing my Helite jacket I certainly would have had multiple internal injuries, broken ribs and punctured lungs to say the least, as my horse rotated and landed immediately on me. Spectators were amazed my injury totalled a broken wrist and sore leg! I thank Helite enormously and will never go cross country without one ever again."

August 2013
Gemma Tattersall (UK)
"I absolutely love my Helite air jacket. It is great to be able to ride in my colours and it looks really smart. It is lightweight and so comfortable to ride in I hardly notice it yet still have the reassurance of the proven trigger system to protect me. I have had a couple of falls when I know I would have been much worse off without the air jackets protection and I would now never compete without it. I even use it for xc schooling and riding youngsters. There is so much risk associated with our sport and if the air jacket can significantly reduce that risk it has got to be a good thing!"

April 2013
Vicki Hancox (UK)
"We all know the importance of safety when eventing and anything can go wrong at anytime, so why wouldn't you have a Helite Air Jacket. In 2011 I had a serious fall eventing my very trusty school mistress and broke my back. Once fully recovered and back riding the first thing I brought was an Air Jacket. I originally quick another market leader who was made by Helite but now have the Helite Air Jacket from Treehouse Sporting Colours. The second time I wore my jacket a had an unscheduled dunking in the water at a British Eventing event and I was over the moon with the response from my jacket. The speed and reaction of the trigger system was undoubtedly amazing and I was inflated before I passed Dudley's ears let alone hitting the floor! Dudley had stumbled and pecked on his nose and my jacket still had time to inflate before I hit the floor when my horse was so close to the floor too!! After my fall I was completely pain free and no whip lash just soggy pants!!! With the lovely acrobatics I did I could of been out of action and potentially out of work. This is something I can't afford to do! Helite is by far the best jacket on the market, I find it far more comfortable and I don't even notice I have it on. My other jacket used to pull my hair and felt so heavy. It is also very reassuring that the jacket has been through intensive research and has a proven trigger system. Don't leave it too late like I did, your safety is paramount so it's always worth buying the best."